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Guitar Pro 6 – Guitar Pro Support

All of the scores have been created by music teachers and professionals, and are Guitar-Pro certified. With two mouse clicks, you have access to a. As you navigate the mySongBook portal, you can browse our music-score library, pre-visualize and pre-listen to the pieces offered, and thus make your choice.

Once you have purchased your music sheets, you will be able to access them immediately in your Guitar Pro software program, play them, change their tempo, play some specific passages in loops, mute some tracks, display the notes on a guitar fretboard or on a keyboard, etc..

If you wish to bring your music sheet anywhere with you, you will just need to print it out. For more information on mySongBook, please look up our dedicated webpage. To get access to mySongBook, you will need to install the update 6.

To proceed to that update or check that you are already using version 6. Once the update has been installed, click on the mySongBook thumb index in the top right-hand corner of your Guitar Pro interface. If it cannot be seen, make sure that the option "Show mySongBook tab" is selected in the program's Preferences. Version 6. To update your software or see if you already have version 6. Search engine: Special tags to refine your search: Available links on the homepage: To access the portal, click on the mySongBook thumb index located in the top right-hand corner of your Guitar Pro interface.

If you cannot see it, make sure that the option "Show mySongBook tab" is selected in the program's Preferences. You can read and listen to some extracts from the scores of your choice.

To facilitate your search for scores, some search-options are available: You do not have to create a mySongBook account to look up our catalogue. Sign into the mySongBook portal, and click on the tab "Create an account". Fill in the required information and agree to our general conditions of sale. You will then be e-mailed the confirmation for your registration, with a 4-digit code.

You will need to provide that code after you have validated your personal information in order to confirm the registration of your account. In case you do not receive the e-mail containing the 4-digit code required to validate your user's account, please first check that that message is not in your spam box.

If that is the case, we advise you to set your anti-spam filter so it does not block out any e-mail coming from mysongbook. In case that message is not to be found in your spam box, please ask for a new e-mail by clicking on "I have not received a confirmation e-mail", on the "Sign in" thumb index of the portal.

You first need to create a new account. How can I retrieve it? In case you have lost or forgotten your password, you can find the option "I have forgotten my password" on the "Sign in" thumb index. You will be e-mailed a temporary password, at the address you gave when you signed up.

Do change it as soon as you can. In case the e-mail address you used to create your license is no longer active, do contact us directly on the Guitar Pro customer support area, with a brief explanation of your problem. The mySongBook portal is available in two languages: English and French. You can access the mySongBook portal and your purchased scores with any computer equipped with Guitar Pro 6. However, under no circumstances are you allowed to give your log-in information to anybody else.

It is expressly forbidden to make your mySongBook user's information available to any other users , by any means.

Giving away, in any way, shape, or form, your personal information to anyone else will lead to the closing of your account by the company Arobas Music, publisher of the Guitar Pro software.

Please do refer to our "Conditions of Sale". If you wish to read and use your music sheets you will need to log into the mySongBook portal. You cannot use that service without an Internet connection. Once you have purchased music scores, you will be able to access them immediately in your Guitar Pro software program, play them, change their tempo, play certain passages in loops, mute some tracks, display the notes on a guitar fretboard or on a keyboard, etc.

If you wish to carry your music sheets anywhere with you, you will just need to print them out. What is the Tab of the Day? For every score, a preview of one or several pages is offered. By clicking on the score's preview, you have access to 30 seconds of pre-listening produced with the Guitar Pro Realistic Sound Engine , for you to make your choices.

Every day, look up the "Tab of the Day", a complete score that you can open in Guitar Pro for free, for a period of 24 hours. You will not be able to print it out or save it on your computer. An area dedicated to suggestions will be created soon. You have not created a mySongBook account yet: Click on the score you wish to purchase and select "Buy".

A window will open, for you to click on "Create an account". Fill in the information required, including your bank card details. Once your purchase is validated, you will find it in the "My purchases" area. You will be e-mailed a confirmation of purchase when we debit your payment, within 1 to 7 days. You already have a mySongBook account: Sign in to your mySongBook account with your e-mail address and password.

Then click on the score you with to purchase and select "Buy". Your purchase is validated, and you can find your music sheet in "My purchases". The payment for music scores on mySongBook resorts to the secure Paybox system. Every stage of the payment is encrypted and protected.

At no time do Arobas Music or Paybox store or have access to your bank card number in its entirety. Your bank information and details cannot be stolen or retrieved. When will my payment be debited? You can place your orders and pay with your bank card. Most types are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, and others. Payments by bank transfer, American Express, or Paypal are not accepted.

Ordering on mySongBook resorts to deferred payment. Your payments will not be debited immediately if they are inferior to 15 euros or dollars. Beyond that, 1 to 7 days are needed for your payment to be debited. However, you do have access to your purchased scores immediately after you have bought them. When do I receive it? Once your payment has been received, you will be e-mailed a summary of your order.

Arobas Music may at times e-mail you a promotional code. To use that promotional code, click on "Buy" and simply type it in the appropriate box. The promotional code has no monetary value. It allows you to get a music score for free on the portal, no matter its original price. Promotional codes cannot be applied to purchasing songbooks. The scores can be bought either individually, or as songbooks.

For your information, that service is still under negotiation with the copyright owners. All of the scores bought by the user remain available in the "My scores" area of mySongBook. You can browse them easily, thanks to the various display options and the integrated search engine. Accessing your scores is immediate and unlimited in time. Your music scores are available via your Guitar Pro software.

We are working on designing new tools to make your music-score library available via your web navigator or your mobile phone. Due to issues pertaining to copyright protection, the scores bought by users cannot be saved on their personal computers. Each music sheet can be consulted in the "My scores" area designed to that effect. Users have access to the portal's scores as long as they do not delete their accounts.

Certain music scores may not be available for consultation on the mySongBook portal in your country of residence. Indeed, some files are subject to limitations regarding the rights to use or reproduce them depending on geographical areas.

If you have questions on that point, please contact the For any other request, please contact the Guitar Pro commercial support. Users do have a right to cancel a given purchase, according to the rules of the French Code of Consumption. However, in case the corresponding music score has already been opened in the software program, the right to cancel the purchase no longer applies.

The pre-listening versions in mySongBook have been produced with the Guitar Pro standard and additional soundbanks. If you do not use our additional soundbanks, the audio rendition of your scores may slightly differ from their pre-listening versions. To fully enjoy the mySongBook experience, discover our packs of additional soundbanks on our website.

Once your payment has been debited, your receipt will be available in the "My billing statement" section under the thumb index "My scores".


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