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The Drawing Resources folder in the browser contains a definition of a default border that you can add to new drawing sheets. You can also define a custom border, or copy a drawing border definition from another drawing. You can change the size and general properties of the default border or a zoned custom border as you add it.

You can create two types of custom borders: A zone border, or a border with no predefined zones. New custom borders are added to the Drawing Resources folder in the browser. You can change the number of zones and labeling for a custom border placed in the drawing. You cannot edit the default border after it is placed. To change the border, delete it and insert a new border with the appropriate properties.

Create a Custom Border Open the drawing file or template that is to contain the border format. Use the commands on the ribbon to create the border. Right-click the sketch window, and then click Save border. Enter the name of the new border in the dialog box, and then click Save.

Define a Zone Border Open the drawing file or template that is to contain the border format. Define Title Block Connection Points on a Custom Border When you define a custom border, you can also define connection points for title block placement.

You typically locate a connection point on the drawing border, but you can place a connection point anywhere on the drawing.

When you place a title block, the outermost corner of the title block, relative to the center of the drawing, attaches to the connection point.

If you have more than one connection point per drawing quadrant, the title block attaches to the point furthest from the center of the drawing. Create a custom border. On the ribbon, click Sketch tab Create Panel , and place a connection point. In the graphics window, right-click and select Save Border. Enter the name of the new border. Insert a Drawing Border A sheet can include only one border. Delete the existing drawing border before you place a new border in the sheet.

In the browser, expand Drawing Resources and Borders. Double-click the border to insert it in the current sheet. Right-click a zone border and select Insert from the menu. In the Edit Drawing Border Parameters dialog box, edit the border properties. Related Tasks.

Jan 15, - Before silently installing Inventor and Inventor LT on client computers ensure Framework SP1 has been installed. May 8, - Assembly Options (not available in Inventor LT): . body is saved in an Autodesk Inventor LT file, and no links are maintained to the original file. May 8, - You can define multiple User Coordinate Systems (UCS) in Autodesk Inventor LT.

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Autodesk Inventor LT files have properties called iProperties. Use iProperties to track and manage files, create reports, and automatically update drawing parts lists, title blocks, and other information. Author and part number iProperties are set automatically in new model and drawing files. You can set and view other iProperties when the file is open in Autodesk Inventor LT, but you can also right-click the file in Microsoft Windows Explorer to view its iProperties. You can create and edit expressions for iProperties in the Properties dialog box. Since expressions are not evaluated mathematically, expressions are created for text type iProperties only.

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