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What is Autopano Giga 4? Packed with editing features yet easy to use, Autopano's import, edit and export process can take as little as a few minutes for a completed panoramic image. Autopano Giga 4 can handle a lot of images in one panorama, so there's no need for caution — just take your time and shoot methodically in order to avoid extra post processing work.

Using a telephoto focal length can reduce lens distortions and helps to bring objects closer, though it will, of course, reduce the amount of the scene contained in the picture. You may need to shoot more images in these sequences. Whether pictures are taken handheld with a smartphone or compact camera or even using a professional DSLR mounted to a panoramic head, Autopano Giga 4 can handle the image sequence.

The software works with images from any camera, including Raw files. We have experienced how quick and effective the software is in creating high-quality panoramas. The whole image folder can be analysed, and each panoramic image sequence is automatically placed into a new Group. At this stage a plugin can be applied. There are three free plugins available: Neturalhazer deals with inevitable haze in the atmosphere that reduces the contrast in detail further away from the camera.

There are further Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Plugins available too. Our largest panorama group contained 72 images, which is a lot of data. No concerns about software sluggishness here. From the newly stitched panorama we can move on to make some edits — and this is where we see many of the interesting features of Autopano Giga 4. The software automatically aligns the images in the sequence through 'Control Points'.

As you can see from our screen grab below, the control points from one image to the next are many — more than 70 in some cases. There is manual control over these control points too, though in our images we found little need to explore this comprehensive feature. Control points For every sequence it is worth making changes to exposure, levels and colour.

The end result is a pleasing, subtle HDR effect. These edits are quick and easy to make. Alternatively, Exposure Fusion allows you to weight the exposure for a preference to dark or light tones, while also enhancing these tones. Autopano Giga comes with an automatic algorithm that corrects the ghosts coming from moving objects, and a new mask tool allowing you to choose what you want to keep or remove in overlapping areas.

We have included these first efforts with Autopano Giga 4 and are very pleased with the results. The software does the hard work for you, being optimised for any camera image file and combining images without obvious stitching. In the example images we have not gone into manual stitching corrections, as we've not needed to; the auto results are reliable.

We have some JPEG panoramic images that are more than 40MB in size, including a linear one with dimensions of x pixels. From our smallest to largest panoramas, it took anything from a few seconds to a few minutes to export a new JPEG, which is quick. VAT for the full version. All you need is the following discount code: DigitalCameraWorld10 For more information about the software, visit the Kolor website.

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Versions of both are kept in sync which is 4. The latest version of Autopano Giga takes the full potential of the original Autostitch concept and brings it to a new level of performance and capability. Not only can Autopano Giga automatically stitch enormous panoramas, it can also detect which images among thousands for a coherent panorama. This works for both rectilinear and fisheye images. While this is a direct review of Autopano Giga, Autopano Pro is uses the same stitching engine and user-interface.

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