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Export presets using H. You can now perform exports in the foreground. You can export in the foreground by enabling Export in the Foreground in the Export dialog box. When exporting in the foreground, you do not have to render the TimelineFX before hand.

Smoke renders sequences directly to destination files, without first writing frames on the framestore, saving space and time. For example, it allows you to transcode RAW files. Note that when exporting as Sequence Publish, some elements might be rendered to fit the exported timeline structure. Muted video tracks are no longer exported. When exporting content that have In and Out marks, the out marks are exclusive: When only In or Out mark is set on a clip, in to end OR start to out is used.

You can now export a sequence and define the Video track to export by using the new Use Top Video Track option located in Media Export. With the option disabled the default , the current primary video track of the current version is used. When the option is enabled, the top video track of the current version is used.

The Tape Name Extension stores both the original name and a sanitized version, allowing third party applications to import and correctly conform the EDL, displaying the sanitized name. And when re-importing in an Autodesk application, the EDL displays the original tape names. How the tape name is sanitized: The constant TW speed in the outgoing EDL is calculated so that the media fits the segment's duration.

Use AAF export when you want to share a sequence with third-party applications. The AAF Export generates a simplified sequence that can be used in third-party application for creative editorial, colour correction, media management, etc. The XML Export generates a simplified sequence that can be used in third party applications for creative editorial, color correction, media management, etc. Support for Avid Media Composer 8. When conforming an Media Composer 8.

You can also use already imported source clips: Better handling of Color Effect conformed from Media Composer 7. Miscellaneous Conform improvements. You can now define the audio track status mono or stereo when performing a VTR Capture by enabling or disabling a new S button for every stereo pair.

You can now use the contextual menu to edit a segment's name Rename Comment. The order in which the columns are displayed in the Events list has been updated, presenting in the left-most columns the most useful metadata. New columns are available in Conform's Events list: For example, slipping a segment updates its Handles in the Events list.

You can now edit easily the Source In and the Source Out of an event. In the Source In or the Source Out field, click-and-drag to the left or to the right to modify the value. Or click in a field to display the Calculator. If the selected segment is linked, the modifications are interactive and similar to a slip: Note that in this case, you cannot change the timecode outside of the media boundaries.

You can now edit in one operation the all the contents of a column when you select multiple events. This allows you to modify any string and yet preserve the specifics of each event. Locked tracks cannot be modified. For more information, see Conform Tab Overview. A new YCbCr Rec. Note that 4K monitoring is not supported on Blackmagic Design devices.

What's New in Archiving This extension improves upon the archiving process feedback, and on its robustness. You can now restore a project using a different name if the original name is already used. The application displays the archive segments required to restore an archive.

The application estimates, on demand, the storage space required to restore an archive. The application warns if there is not enough space to archive the Pending Archive material. The size estimates are now more accurate, especially when archiving audio material.

With Verify Source Media enabled, clicking Cancel now returns you to the archive instead of archiving, and then cancel the archive. You are provided with more feedback when archiving projects.

There is less noise when restoring an archive: You can now use a new interface in the Archive Python hook, to estimate space required for an archive. Named archiveSelectionUpdated, it is called when a user updates the information on the currently selected element in an opened archive.

See Python Hooks Reference. Inverting Colour Transforms Using the Custom mode of the LUT Editor, you can invert an imported colour transform, and invert individual colour transforms in a custom transform chain.

The Invert option is available in the following: Media Hub Import, Export. The Colour Transform Builder now has an Invert column. To invert a single transform in a chain, click in the Invert cell next to the transform you want to invert. You cannot directly invert a LUT or Colour Transform that is applied to the display, but you can load a custom Colour Transform file that contains one or more inverted LUTs or Colour Transforms and apply it to the display. Some colour transforms are impossible to invert perfectly.

This happens when they map multiple input colours to the same output colour, such as when transforming from a large space to a smaller space. It is analogous to the fact that you cannot convert from a bit signal to 8 bits and back to 12 bits again without data loss. In these situations, the Invert option maps the original output colour back to one of the original input colours, but applying the forward transform followed by the inverse transform will inevitably change some colours.

Set the Colour Management attributes in any node that supports them i. Make sure that a colour transform or a custom chain of colour transforms is selected. Make sure that Custom is enabled. If you haven't already done so, add another node that supports the Colour Management attributes. Make sure that the destination node is selected. Enabled keyboard shortcuts Flame profile: It is a tone-mapping transform with S-shaped curves for a photographic response.

These include LUTs generated for the following products: Adobe After Effects.


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