Buy Cheap Capture One Pro 12

Buy Cheap Capture One Pro 12

Capture One Pro also gives you the ability to set a backup destination, which is a handy little addition for quickly creating a second copy of your source files on another hard drive in case of disasters. The Import Dialogue allows you to copy images from a memory card and import to your catalogue in one action, as well as rename, apply preset adjustments, add a copyright or deception and even create a second back-up copy on an alternative hard drive. Via the Library tab you can browse folders of imported images in the folders or Catalogue Collections panels.

Imported images can be displayed as thumbnails in a grid, or as larger single images in the main display area and there are zoom tools for checking sharpness, an exposure warning function to highlight clipped areas, as well as ruler and alignment overlays.

All of these assist in your editing and selection process to narrow down the images you want to process. Star Ratings or Color Tags can then be assigned, which allows you to use the Filter panel and refine your selection down to just the images you want to work on.

Other features in the Library module include batch renaming, Virtual Albums, Catalogues, Projects or Groups for organizing your image library further. The Library module is for organizing images into groups, albums and collections, as well as filtering your initial import to a smaller selection of images to adjust and process. If your camera and lens combination are supported — most common ones are — the profile is applied by default in the Lens Correction tab.

Sliders to manually adjust these attributes provides further control, and the Lens Correction tab also houses tools to crop, rotate or flip images.

Finally, in Lens Corrections, the Keystone panel includes perspective control tools for adjusting vertical and horizontal angles, which are useful for straightening the horizon on a landscape, or correcting converging verticals on architectural images.

The Lens Correction tab automatically adjusts inherent optical flaws, such as geometric distortion and vignetting, and provides tools for cropping, rotating and adjusting perspective. More advanced colour controls are available in the Color Balance and Color Editor panels.

Color Balance controls can be used to correct colour casts, or apply colour-grading effects by adjusting the colour and luminosity of the shadow, midtone and highlight regions independently.

The Color Editor provides even greater control to adjust the Hue, Saturation and Lightness across six colour channels. Controls for brightness and contrast are housed under the Exposure tab, and within that the Exposure panel facilitates quick global adjustments to Exposure, Contrast, Brightness and Saturation.

The High Dynamic Range panel will help bring detail back into the Highlight or Shadow regions of high contrast images and the Levels and Curve panels facilitate even greater contrast control. Levels and Curves are great for adjusting the shadow, midtone and highlight tonal regions independently, and in Capture One Pro you can also do this separately on the Red, Green or Blue color channels if you need that level of precision. The Clarity panel offers control over midtone micro-contrast using the Clarity slider to either increase micro-contrast for a grittier textured look, or reduce it for softer skin tones on portraits.

The Structure slider under the Clarity panel will either add more definition to intricate fine details and textures, essentially sharpening images, and again Structure can be set to negative values to soften definition in these areas.

The Highlight and Shadow controls under the Exposure tab are great for improving dynamic range and the Curve ensures you can also maintain good contrast so your images pack plenty of punch.

For images shot at high ISO, or heavily processed, the Noise Reduction sliders will help you smooth out the noise. The Luminance slider minimizes pattern noise, with the Color slider reducing chromatic noise, which can appear as green or magenta speckling. Strong noise reduction softens detail overall, so the Detail slider can be used to control the balance between noise reduction and detail preservation.

Use the Sport Removal tool to eliminate any unwanted sensor dust marks or blemishes from your images. An alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop? Our guide to image enhancement briefly outlined most of the adjustment controls in Capture One Pro bar one extremely import one — Layers. Whilst there are some differences in the controls available; notably the colour options, as well as how adjustments are applied and images are processed, broadly speaking Capture One Pro and Lightroom are similar beasts.

The photo browser can be placed as you wish. Configure the Capture One Pro 12 interface in accordance with your preferences. All you need is just to spend some time. It will allow you to leave only the necessary tools as well as useful functions.

In this particular case, setting up the interface took about 20 minutes. I deleted a few functions and placed those elements I needed in the right tabs, after which the interface became more understandable and familiar to me.

Just visit the official website and create a personal account. Please note that this Danish company cooperates with the Fujifilm and Sony brands, and has several separate versions developed specially for these brands.

I decided to test Capture One Pro in this review. The program installation was relatively simple, though it also installed several drivers for a medium-format camera system. There are a few options to choose from after running the program, namely the type of licensed version. You're lucky if you have a Sony camera. It means you have a great chance to use the Express version without any payments. Here I began to think about the time when I would be able to use the software to the fullest.

The editor offers many tutorial videos demonstrating possible ways of usage along with sample images for testing different photo editing functions. Interface and Import The Capture 12 interface is a black and grey window with two big buttons for tethered capture and import. Capture One Pro is not modular like the Lightroom Classic interface. In other words, it does not represent various working canvases to perform different tasks like photo editing, organizing etc. Here everything is available on just one interface that slightly resembles Photoshop.

There are 11 toolbars on the top section: Like in Photoshop, pressing and holding or right-clicking the buttons opens a drop-down list of various settings.

You will also notice a question mark which, when clicked, will lead to a corresponding reference record that helps you to figure out how the tool works. Everything seemed very confusing at first glance. Control panels are everywhere with no particular distinction. However, a quick point with the mouse distinguishes every tool. They become more meaningful after you realize how powerful Capture One 12 is.

Import and Photo Organization Familiarize yourself with Capture One Pro review and find out about importing and organization of the pictures.

I decided to import a lot of my personal pictures into the program to see how good it is when it comes to a rather big library importing. The photo editing was not as fast as it was supposed to be, but it was a pretty large import, and Capture One Pro 12 managed to handle it in background mode while I was working on my PC and performing other tasks.

It provides various options for categorization and photography marking. Either star ratings or different colorful marks can be used to group images in accordance with any system you want to develop.

It is also possible to filter the libraries according to keyword tags as well as GPS location data if it is available. How to import images to the catalog: A dialog box for file viewing will be opened.

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The updated product features a redesigned interface, revamped menu aligned between the Mac and Windows versions, linear and gradient masks via the new Parametric Masking Engine, luminosity masking and a new plug-in ecosystem. Capture One 12's new plug-in ecosystem supports third-party extensions and will soon have access to plug-ins for sharing and editing, as well as connecting the software to "specialized editing tools," according to the company. The updated product also adds new Fujifilm Film Simulation, lens, and camera support, expands AppleScript support for macOS users, and features a redesigned keyboard shortcut manager. Capture One 12 supports more than camera models across all major brands. Capture One New iconography better conveys tool functionality, and the new slider design, the spacing of the tools, and font size increase improves both the look and the usability of the program.


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