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Watch video Control Hue, Saturation, and Luminance with modal window guides. Easily shift levels on a per-color basis to transform the appearance of scenes and subjects. Adjust color levels across your clip simultaneously, or by individual color for precision with the Tone Curve. Get a pro-level look by controlling your shadows, midtones, and highlights. View, identify, and alter the color profile of clips with new Selective Vectorscope. Correct color shifts between clips to keep skin tones looking natural, draw attention to objects, improve project cohesion, and more. Get creative with overlays Get creative with advanced masking and overlays NEW Video Masks Video Masks are a revolutionary tool for everything from basic fixes like face blurring and subject enhancement, to pro-level edits like removing unwanted objects, creating clones of subjects, blurring faces, and customizing creative transitions or effects. Watch tutorial Video overlays Layer clips, graphics, and titles to craft creative layouts for footage. Create unique picture-in-picture effects by placing content onto a stationary object like a mirror or a computer screen. Video overlays Layer clips, graphics and titles to craft creative layouts for footage.

Buy Buy Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate Collection Cheap

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Dont buy, if you Edit virtually any Videos. Intuitive design. Easy to use. To create a more customized online experience, some of the ads you may receive on Microsoft websites and apps are tailored to your previous activities, searches and site visits.


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