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Effects In March we released two more World firsts - a ReFill for Reason and then a stereo REX2 CD-ROM We have supported and pioneered the REX format so strongly because we believe it to be hugely powerful and uniquely flexible and therefore represents the ideal vehicle for users to get the most from our unique sample library. From day one the quality of our REX titles has been instantly apparent to those who have used them however the format initially struggled to gain the widespread adoption it's deserved as it was basically seen as a small feature on Steinberg's Cubase.

A powerful secret known to relatively few. That all changed with the release of Propellerhead's amazing Reason software when they first struck out on their own, wider adoption of the REX format by Logic and many more, and the ability to use REX files with ReCycle itself and export them to any of the many platforms that supported made ReCycle and REX a huge hit.

It is now the de-facto Industry standard loop format. Simply join our list by clicking the button below and providing your details. You'll not only get a welcome pack of over megs of samples but another 5-star rated library FREE and then news and offers no more than once a month. Why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook too?

Check out our great new bundle deals and save a bundle! If you're thinking of grabbing a few ReFills or REX files these specially-created bundles might be up your street. Logic on an iPad? Mm… www. Projects can be opened in the desktop version, too. It could be considered more of a sketchpad than other apps here but 16 drum pads and a keyboard offer a lot of flexibility in programming. And what hardware! ReBirth is a remarkably faithful analogue beatbox — a great emulation of a classic emulation!

You can put two of them together within the Polyseq step sequencer together with a drum machine, mixer and Kaoss pads which add a welcome performance aspect to proceedings. Of course with a sound engine based on a synth you are limited to those retro sounds but with the sound of analogue forever going in and out of fashion you are sure to find modern genres that will welcome this app. With a very simple control method you can easily put beats and melodies together both in time and in key.

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So, ask if and how you will be able to restore your database if you need to re-install software or move it to a new laptop. This is how to buy Propellerhead Reason 4 up to you and your style, but once you're done with this you will have a complete dubstep track ready.

However, most people and even companies only require a little core set of those features. In the case of simple loops this may be all you need to do to incorporate the part into your song, removing the need to open the other song file altogether. This allows further editing and variation, and the opportunity to split and mix multiple layers. Switch to the main song and paste.

The Devices, Mixer Channels, and sequencer tracks will be added to your song. Copying and pasting Tracks also brings in associated devices and mixer channels. The functionality remains much the same: While the emphasis of the site is on sharing and collaboration, it also has some potential to become a personal cloud-based locker for your ideas.

Any files dropped to Allihoopa can be auditioned from the web site and opened in Reason. Posting Loops to Allihoopa is another way to track your projects. However, it does provide a very easy way to add to your idea pool using the mobile apps. Plus, if you feel like sharing you can flick the Listed switch and see if anyone else can make something of it. More generic cloud services like Google Drive or iCloud Drive can also be very useful in the quest to stay organised. The folder structure where I keep all my Reason and Live files sits in my Dropbox folder.

Available now in REX format for the first time! In March we released two more World firsts - a ReFill for Reason and then a stereo REX2 CD-ROM We have supported and pioneered the REX format so strongly because we believe it to be hugely powerful and uniquely flexible and therefore represents the ideal vehicle for users to get the most from our unique sample library. Search form And look for their writing samples to reflect a wealth of writing experience.

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All programmed on real beatboxes, not samples, and broken down into different parts for the ultimate flexibility. Future Classic Breaks - Out Now! Available now in REX format for the first time!


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