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The trial includes part modeling, assembly design, drafting, and simulation. It incorporates online training videos as well as valuable how-to tips and tricks. Design a Part with Synchronous Technology Design a Part with Synchronous Technology Solid Edge with synchronous technology enables designers to accelerate model creation and make faster edits, eliminating model regeneration, reducing rework, improving product features and streamlining design processes. In this video, learn how to model a part using Solid Edge with synchronous technology. In this example, learn how to import 3D supplier data from various sources and make edits where needed.

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Marmite or Vegemite? These are the questions that have plagued humankind for generations. In this article, we will address at least one of these dichotomies, and will hopefully enable you to make an informed decision about which CAD package is best for you. A screenshot of Solid Edge ST9. Image courtesy of Siemens. First up, I should declare any conflicts of interest. I have used Solid Edge on a few occasions, primarily for basic modeling.

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