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can i buy Photoshop CC 2015 Student And Teacher Edition for cheap

They can be purchased by anyone who qualifies — primary, middle, and secondary school students, homeschoolers, college or university students, faculty, teachers, and administrators. Even part-time students or teachers can be eligible, and there is no maximum age limitation. Is the Academic software different or limited somehow? Is there any sort of time restriction, time limit, or time out — do the perpetual Adobe Student Editions expire? Or are they unusable for commercial purposes or paid work? The answer to all of these questions is fortunately no: Install now:

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How To Purchase Adobe Photoshop CS6 (no Creative Cloud subscription) | Patchesoft

Purchase options How can students, teachers, and educational institutions purchase Adobe software? Student and teacher discounts are available to individual teachers, students, and staff members. In addition, Adobe offers licensing programs for departments and institutions. What products are available as Student and Teacher Editions? Browse the student and teacher product catalog to see product and language availability. Products are available via subscription, download, or boxed version depending on availability.

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