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DiffDog provides advanced XML-aware differencing and editing capabilities based on those in Altova XMLSpy, and integrates with any version control system that supports external differencing applications. For optimal efficiency, you can edit content directly within its differencing display, merge changes, and instantly re-compare. Intelligent syntax-coloring, line numbering, indentation guides, and other innovative features assist in comparing source-code and XML files. DiffDog tells you when XML files are semantically equal even if they are not identical in a text-based comparison. DiffDog compares Microsoft Word documents in a side-by-side view with word processor functionality.

Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition is the powerful diff tool for files, folders, and databases. DiffDog Server makes it easy to automate comparisons and generate diff reports comparing files, directories, URLS or even Word docs. Altova DiffDog® is the unique diff / merge utility for files, directories, and database schemas and tables. This powerful, easy-to-use diff merge tool lets you.


DiffPlug DiffPlug is a multi-functional and multi-platform tool that is expert in performing two basic functions of editing and differing for text images and much more. In term of editing, DiffPlug is the best one replacement of notepad. A lot of other tools are also the part of the DiffPlug that are in shape of text differ, Simulink differ, Simulink viewer, image differ, Amazon S3 client and much more. All these are designed to deliver the best possible solutions to this users.

Drag to pan, mouse wheel to zoom and now see what the real differences between two files are. Simply double click on a file and it will be opened by the default viewer and config of DiffManager. Now you can make the comparison of two files as you want. For the information of the readers the feature of block merge is missing in the DiffPlug.

Except Simulink, almost all features and functions in the DiffPlug are free. However, you can go for the trial period of Simulink by manually contacting with the developers. The downloadable version of DiffPlug is currently available for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

All these contains the equal level of features and functions making the process of editing, diff, merge and comparison simple for the developers. It is handy for determining what has altered between modes, and then merging these changes between versions.

It visually differentiates and merges of text-files with its flexible editor using syntax highlighting, line numbers, and word-wrap. WinMerge highlights differences inside lines in file compare, and moves lines detection in file compare. The software has the potential to ward off whitespace and letter case changes. It is the name of any open source differencing and merging program for the Windows operating systems.

By using this program, you can easily compare the file and folders in order to check for the difference in the visual text format.

It is an easy to use and understand the platform. For the information of the readers, this platform has been discontinued. However, the available version of WinMerge can still be used for the differencing purpose.

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