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Last update 3 Jul. Read the editor's review Screenshots of Swift 3D View more screenshots Swift 3D Editor's Review Have you ever tried to write a text, your name or your company's name, or something else in 3D and to get it to spin and to whatever you want? I've searched the internet over and over to find a 3D text generator, and found many websites that do that, but none of them would really rise at my expectations, until I found Swift 3D. This application it the most easy to use 3D modeling software I've ever seen! I have never worked in a 3D Modeling software, and I started to make 3D texts and shapes and anything I wanted right away!

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Like most of us, Will can, at times, be a little bit suspicious when it comes to Flash. He understands only too well that the first incarnations of the Web were conceived primarily as fast, simple and robust vehicles for the written word — and that, for the past decade, this has meant hypertext mark-up.

Flash, Director, Java, etc. Is this true 3D? Not once it makes it to Flash. The Web assistant is a nice idea, although personally, I felt a little weird using it without my normal set of browser controls.

Lathe and extrusion tools allow you to lift and spin two-dimensional profiles into more complex three-dimensional objects. I probably should add that getting that 2D profile into the Lathe Editor shown above is a more convoluted process than it needs to be i. In addition to the Extrusion and Lathe Editors, version 4. Along with a wide selection of primary forms cubes, cylinders, cones, etc. In general terms, the modeling tools included should be more than sufficient for the vast majority of interface designs, logo treatments and product demos.

In projects for which high-precision product models are required perhaps mobile phones, consumer electronics, etc. Surfaces are a simple matter of drag-n-drop. Dozens of preset surfaces are available in flat color, glossy, metallic, patterns, reflective maps, stone, miscellaneous textures, transparent tones and wood grain. Additionally, custom made bitmaps can be imported and applied to any surface. The possibilities are endless.

In summary, the modeling tools are powerful enough to handle the vast majority of situations, with fallback options if more power is needed.

Simply move the frame marker to a point further along the timeline, and change any aspect of the model to create a new keyframe with the intervening frame auto-tweened. For example, you could manually deform just the base of your logo as it bounced — very useful stuff. In short, the program offers powerful and flexible animation controls. Preview and Export Editor Presumably, most Swift 3D users want to generate content designed for display in the Flash player, either directly from Swift, or, more often, via the Macromedia Flash authoring environment.

The export facility works in two modes: Vector and Raster. The options available in each of those modes include:


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