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Alibre is the company and makers of Alibre Design 3D modeling software that was acquired by 3D Systems in July of As of today, Alibre is combined with Geomagic, the makers of Geomagic Studio 3D scanning software and other design, inspection and haptic products that was acquired by 3D Systems this past January. Now 3D systems has merged Alibre with Geomagic—the two become one; a big, happy geometry-shaping family. A key part of that commitment is to combine the Alibre products and team into the 3D Systems Geomagic group and an initial step is that we have rebranded Alibre Design products as Geomagic Design.

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You can also toggle the visibility of component axes. You can view who created a model or click Claim Credit to add the name of the SketchUp license owner to the model. If your model contains components, see who created the components, too.

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