How much is Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition?

how much is Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition?

I agree SAN would be best but it's not always necessary. Sometimes you need to call microsoft to activate it but usually it works fine without it. Obviously I don't know the exact setup of that machine, but from what you've described it sounds like a performance nightmare. Those apps are all heavy and whack the disk a lot. Also, that means your SQL and Exchange logs are on the same set of disks as the actual databases.

Not cool! I would still recommend Enterprise or even Datacenter, depending on your usage , however. The reason is virtualization.

Virtualization Licensing MadBoy is correct about the licensing. You can either install it on the bare metal and have up to four hosted copies of the OS inside something like VMware Server or Virtual Server, or install a hypervisor such as Hyper-V or ESX and put your four installs not five! For example, I could purchase two copies of Enterprise Edition and assign them to a single physical server, which would allow me to run eight VMs. I could also buy eight copies of Standard Edition or just two of Datacenter I need two because two is the minimum number purchasable with Datacenter—two sockets.

Generally, the following is a good guideline for the most cost effective SKU to buy, but remember to consider future growth. Standard Edition is most cost efficient for one to three VMs per server. Note that if you run three VMs, you'll need to buy three copies of Standard Edition.

For example, if I have a dual processor box and want to run eight VMs, I could buy two copies of Enterprise edition. Datacenter Edition is most cost efficient for more than four VMs per processor, because you can run an unlimited number of VMs per processor and license each processor.

While Datacenter is more expensive than Enterprise when running four VMs per processor, you have more scalability and support for future growth, so you could, potentially, adopt Datacenter over Enterprise when you consider future requirements. Remember that you have to license all processors in the server.

Microsoft offeres an online calculator that can help you choose the right SKU to buy. Remember that if you're using the maximum number of virtual instance rights, you can't run any workloads other than Hyper-V in the parent partition.

How much is Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition? cost

Windows Server R2 End-of-Life Support is Near

Windows Server comes with IIS 7. IIS 7. IIS 7 and above also provides simplified management and powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. IIS Manager extensions make it easy to administer local and remote Web servers. NET Framework 3. This article describes general procedures for installing Windows Server or Windows Server R2; links for more detailed information can be found throughout the article.

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