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Paragon Camptune X: Software Information. Software name: Paragon Camptune X Type of Software: Package Developer: Paragon Softwares Paragon Camptune X: Paragon Softwares group is a software development company based out of Germany.

Paragon Softwares group creates hard disk modification and management softwares for use by the public. It also develops low level data allocation systems and many kinds of data storage technologies. One of the most popular products of Paragon Softwares Group is the Mac hard disk partition tool called Paragon Camptune X which is used to create partitions for the Mac Operating System.

Bootcamp is a software which is developed by Apple and allows Mac users to dual boot Windows along with their Mac Operating Systems. This requires making a separate partition for the Windows Operating System and this can be easily done without formatting your hard disk using Paragon Camptune X.

There no limitations on resizing the partition size in the paid version whereas the free to use trial version comes with a limit of two gigabytes of disk space partition. Paragon Camptune X comes with features that make your disk space flexible. This means that if you have to install a large sized storage hungry application on your Windows Operating System on a Mac, then you can easily increase your disk storage space in the Windows partition on the fly without having to format your hard drive or even rebooting your Mac system!

You can also redistribute storage space between more than one partitions using a basic and easy to use slider. Paragon camptune high sierra makes the tedious and risky process of redistributing storage space between partitions as easy as moving a slider.

To change the system disk partitions though, the process is a bit more complicated due to restrictions put in place by Apple. You will have to make the changes in MacOS recovery mode as the system disk configuration settings are protected by a software called System Integration Protection Technology by Apple. But do not worry as Paragon Camptune X will guide you through the steps of making the bootable drive needed to go into recovery mode.

Download Paragon Campute X In the past, reallocating free space on your Mac between your Mac OS X and boot camp partitions was a process that could take anywhere between 2 and 5 hours. Fortunately, Paragon Software has developed Camptune X which achieves the same results in a matter of minutes.

Its simple interface allows you to increase or decrease boot camp partitions quickly and best of all, it works without rebooting your Mac! You can continue your work while the resize operation is being performed.

Camptune X performs these operations quickly and automatically with no need for complicated manual operations. You can resize your partitions in a matter of minutes with Paragon Camptune X. Click on the given in link and Download Paragon Camptune X Launch the Paragon Camptune X application and then follow the instructions in the installer to successfully install Paragon Camptune X on your system. You can also download Camptune So what are you waiting for?

Download this awesome disk partition tool for your Mac device. Paragon Camptune X allows the users to easily make partitions on their Mac OS with its simple, easy and safe User Interface and software. One of the drawbacks of the software is that it requires a recovery disk to be made if you want to resize system partitions on your Mac device as there are protections put in place by Apple.

But one should not worry a lot as Paragon Camptune X will guide you through the steps of making the bootable drive needed to go into recovery mode. Overall it is a great software which can be used by anyone who is looking for a simple tool to resize partitions on their Mac device.

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Paragon CampTune for Mac is simply the fastest way to perform resize operations! Don't spend hours Increase or decrease Boot Camp partitions in minutes! Perfect compatibility Create a Boot media to make free space redistribution even with an active System Integrity Protection. You'll /10(4). (PRWEB UK) 3 February Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, announces the release of a major update to Paragon Camptune X , the system utility for easy and fast redistribution of disk space on OS X systems. Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software; CampTune; extFS for Mac by Paragon Software; Hard Disk Manager for Mac; File System Link Suite; *Paragon Software Group will support Partition Manager customers for an extended period of time. exclusive promotions and latest news! Join for exclusives! Connect with us for giveaways, exclusive.

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Paragon Software Releases Major Update to Camptune X

Resize Mac's Boot Camp volume with ease. You may need to adjust the size of your Windows partition when, for example, you run out of disk space or want to install an application with particularly high storage requirements. The resize operation is safe, fast and easy. Support for Any Boot Camp-supported version of Windows Logical volumes on the hybrid Fusion Drives can be resized FileVault encrypted volumes are supported Paragon CampTune can perform resize operations with a system disk in macOS even with System Integrity Protection turned on Apple File System is fully supported In the past, to reallocate free space on your Mac, you'd need to back up the Boot Camp partition, delete the partition, recreate an NTFS partition with a new size and, finally, restore the Windows partition backup to the new NTFS partition, a process that could take anywhere between two to five hours. Fortunately, Paragon Software has developed Camptune X, which achieves the same result in a matter of minutes!

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