Original Rosetta Stone - Learn Swedish (Level 1, 2 & 3 Set) Software

Original Rosetta Stone - Learn Swedish (Level 1, 2 & 3 Set) Software

Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Japanese Level Set by Apple is a piece of software that can be deployed on Mac,Windows platforms. It falls under the Education, Language, Reference category. The Full Version license allows an installation on the supported operating systems: Apple Mac OS X Leopard,Apple MacOS X Tiger,Microsoft Windows 7,Microsoft /5(4). Jun 07,  · Discover the new Rosetta Stone experience with a Level Set Millions of people around the world have already learned a new language with our award-winning approach. It's no coincidence that Rosetta Stone is the fastest way to learn a language/5(). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rosetta Stone Homeschool Swedish Level Set including Audio Companion NEW at the best .

Focus on cognates first Because of the thousands of cognates, English speakers have a jumpstart on Swedish. The Swedish language can sound familiar to non-native speakers and provides a chunk of vocabulary to build on. In addition to cognates, Rosetta Stone makes your bite-sized Swedish lessons more effective by introducing Swedish words and common phrases in the context of everyday situations. Make mistakes This sounds counter-intuitive, but making mistakes is part of the natural process of learning. Get comfortable with speaking Swedish out loud even if it means you might make a few gaffes. Rosetta Stone lets language learners rehearse this through live tutoring sessions with a native Swedish speaker. These unscripted conversations build confidence without the risk and provide another avenue for feedback as you progress on your language learning journey.

Original Rosetta Stone - Learn Swedish (Level 1, 2 & 3 Set) Software cost

There are no product specifications. Learn Naturally Your student will learn their next language the same way they learned their first language. Dynamic Immersion empowers them to see, hear and comprehend without translating or memorizing. They already have this ability; Rosetta Stone Homeschool simply unlocks it.

Engage Interactively Get feedback and move forward. We learn best by doing and your student will apply what they have learned to get to the next step. Rosetta Stone adapts to their individual needs and skills because the program is driven by their progress. Speak Confidently Your student will start speaking from the very first lesson. They'll begin with essential basics, which form the building blocks of the language. Soon they'll create new sentences on their own, using words they've learned.

Have Fun Best of all, Rosetta Stone is addictive. With every entertaining activity your student will feel success. They will want to use Rosetta Stone to have that next moment, that next breakthrough. So they'll continue using it and they'll continue to learn! That's language-learning success. No translation or memorization required. Rosetta Stone uses rich visual imagery to help students learn and think in a new language. This association of language with images is an integral part of the Dynamic Immersion method.

Students learn in context and make a direct connection between words and their meanings. Building on the knowledge your student gains and their intuitive grasp of the meaning of each picture, they make a choice. There's absolutely no translation or memorization to hold them back, so they start making progress immediately. The moment you complete a task, your learner receives instant feedback. They will speak a word and our unique speech recognition technology automatically rates their pronunciation.

They connect an image with a phrase and immediately learn if their choice was correct. They complete a set of exercises and instantly know how well they did. With Rosetta Stone Homeschool, your student always knows where they stand and you can easily track their level of success through the Parent Administrative Tools' Progress Reports. Enter Dynamic Immersion. Dynamic Immersion is a continuous process. The Rosetta Stone curriculum is carefully sequenced, gradually incorporating new words, phrases and more complex grammar as it reinforces learned language.

Language comprehension grows naturally. Innovative technology. Rosetta Stone places this Dynamic Immersion method at the core of our curriculum to develop skills. The simple, intuitive interface helps to keep your students engaged in the solution, while advanced speech recognition technology makes certain that they're speaking correctly and accurately.

This complete set starts with the fundamental vocabulary and essential language structures. Your students will then progress to intermediate skills like giving directions, telling time, expressing opinions and talking about the world around them. They will then move on to advanced language skills such as discussing government, the arts and conveying complex emotions and ideas. In addition, Parent Administrative Tools help parents plan lessons as well as monitor and report on student progress.

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