Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 Price Comparison

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 Price Comparison

Camcorders, smartphones, and digital SLRs are all capable of recording sound along with the picture, but as any seasoned video maker will tell you, those microphones produce far from quality results. As fate would have it, a group of smart coders have managed to put their thinking caps on to engineer software that not only rises to these challenges, but is so mind-blowingly easy to use that literally anyone can use it. While they offer standalone versions at higher prices, those on a budget can save big by purchasing one of several packages, which bundle applications and plug-ins into relevant themes. This software effectively replaces the former BulletProof, ditching the more comprehensive but often cumbersome user interface for a more streamlined solution. Learn more about macOS Catalina ] Get into sync The simplicity of Offload spills over into PluralEyes 4 , the only application in Shooter Suite 13 to get a complete overhaul, and what a wondrous change it is. The software analyzes sound recorded on two or more cameras, then slides clips into rock-solid sync automatically, ready for editing. Earlier versions often required a bit of fiddling for best results, and could only be performed within the application itself. Red Giant has practically made the UI nonexistent here, and better yet, the entire process can now be performed directly from a panel inside Adobe Premiere CC without ever opening the standalone application. I actually had to do it several times in order to wrap my head around just how seamless, accurate, and fast it was to use the software this way. Media can also be dragged and dropped directly from the Finder, but this version does remove support for Avid Media Composer, which was frequently buggy.

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RED GIANT - Magic Bullet Suite 13

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