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Symantec PCAnywhere 12.5 kaufen

Is pcAnywhere really the ultimate cross-platform remote desktop tool? We put it to the test in this review. Symantec pcAnywhere However, as with any non-Web-based remote desktop program, pcAnywhere users need to know the exact IP address of the target computer which never works well in my experience. Program Interface The basic view for pcAnywhere From here, you can access wizards to start using the most important features of the program.

Clicking Remote Control starts up a wizard to connect to a computer at a known location, File Transfer starts up an FTP session wizard with a known pcAnywhere host, and Host launches the program necessary for the local computer to be remotely controlled.

Quick Connect pulls up a window that is a little more advanced as it automatically scans for pcAnywhere hosts on the local network good for home networks with DHCP enabled , and allows the user to invoke encryption protection during the remote session.

Remote Operation provides quick access to settings that largely impact the quality of the remote session experience. High-quality remote session streaming is useful when plenty of network bandwidth is available, while low-quality streaming is best for bridging two computers over the Internet. You can also set up a remote printer that can be accessed during the remote session. The most important feature found in the Settings tab is the ability to configure pcAnywhere Callers are client computers that connect to the host, and a wide range of authentication options are available including support for Windows user logins.

One can never have enough security options in remote access software and pcAnywhere While the overall user experience with pcAnywhere The web browser version of pcAnywhere Performance During the evaluation period, the target computer was connected to the internet via a 6Mbit DSL connection. The computer used to access the target was connected to the same DSL connection for a high-speed test, or connected to the internet using a public Wi-Fi hotspot in the same city.

In each test, I never had any issues with input lag or slow refresh rates while I was running office applications. The only time pcAnywhere When running on the public Wi-Fi network, pcAnywhere At those settings, I had no issues with input latencies or full screen changes like scrolling and window maximizations.

Performance only got better when pcAnywhere Full-screen window changes refreshed in less time and scrolling through long documents was not as stuttered as with some of the competition. Where pcAnywhere Unfortunately, pcAnywhere Nonetheless pcAnywhere Controlling the computer was almost as easy as from the main program, except that I could never get the scrolling wheel to actually work during these sessions.

Scrolling was stuttered, but otherwise performance was acceptable given its intent. Conclusion In the end, pcAnywhere The user interface is not as polished as I would prefer for a consumer application, but there is a wide array of powerful configuration options that are available. Performance was in line with the competition but, under the right circumstances, pcAnywhere However there are no monthly fees and you can use it as long as you wish.

Keep this product on the short-list, and look out for rebates.

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